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Pathologist in Hoppers Crossing

Peak Medical has a well-equipped laboratory devoted to pathology.

We offer a broad range of medical services in Hoppers Crossing.

A Team of Dedicated Pathologists

Peak Medical has a team of certified pathologists dedicated to providing accurate test results.

Our pathologists pride themselves on their personal relationships with patients and are readily available for consultations with physicians.

We investigate, identify, analyse and understand your particular disease before talking with your doctor.

A team of devoted pathologists at work


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 Pathologist Point Cook

A Complete Pathology Report

Peak Medical provides a complete pathology report with the necessary information concerning all of the tests performed.

When a sample of tissue is removed during a needle biopsy or during surgery, a pathologist will examine it thoroughly.

The pathologist then writes a report to provide your doctor with a detailed description of the sample who then decides on the actions to be taken.

A full pathological report of your blood and tissue analysis


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